CANMET quitting capital

CANMET materials technology laboratory, a fixture in the capital for 65 years, is moving from Ottawa to Hamilton, where it will cozy up to Ontario’s steel and automobile industries. According to Monday’s federal budget, the Natural Resources Canada facility and its 120 employees will leave its current central Ottawa location for McMaster University Research Centre in Hamilton by 2010. CANMET’s deputy director Marc Braid says that many of the lab’s researchers are excited about the move, which they have known about for two years. “We are getting a lot of new equipment that allows them to push their research that much further,” he says, adding that the new location will house high-end research that the current building on Booth St., CANMET’s home since 1942, can’t handle. “This [move also] puts us into the heart of the manufacturing industry in Ontario,” Braid says, noting that many of the facility's clients are in southern Ontario or Western Canada. The facility conducts research on new materials, such as tougher, lighter concrete and metal alloys, and determines how they can be used in construction, auto manufacturing and other industries. The budget allocates $6 million in 2008-2009 to relocate CANMET equipment and personnel.

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