Macadamian plants office in Silicon Valley

Software product development outsourcer Macadamian Technologies establishes a presence in Silicon Valley, opening an office in Sunnyvale, California. Managed by Matthew Hately, who will continue as vice president of marketing, the new US sales and marketing headquarters will help Macadamian reach the thousands of technology companies located in the San Francisco and San Jose area. “The timing is perfect for us to establish an office in Silicon Valley and grow our customer-base in the Bay-Area,” says Macadamian chief executive Frederic Boulanger. “As it matures, the software industry is learning the strengths and weaknesses of the various outsourcing destinations worldwide. While software companies are outsourcing to India for sustaining development and maintenance, they are relying on Macadamian for projects that are highly time sensitive, and for next-generation product development – projects that require a partner to assume risk, and contribute to the design and innovation of their products.”

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