Alcatel-Lucent acquiring Tropic Networks

Cable and telecom service behemoth Alcatel-Lucent is on the verge of buying Ottawa-based Tropic Networks, a wavelength-division multiplexing network supplier. The move will add to Alcatel-Lucent’s line of increasingly in-demand optical products, which will benefit from the addition of Tropic’s optical layer management technology Wavelength Tracker. In July 2004, Alcatel-Lucent invested in Tropic Networks and signed a global supply agreement. “The relationship developed over three years has been valuable and we are proud to join Alcatel-Lucent, the worldwide leader in optical networking,” says Kevin Rankin, CEO of Tropic Networks. “Our vision of a fully flexible and scalable optical network is finding a further expansion with the Alcatel-Lucent’s advanced product portfolio and new opportunities to bring technology advancements to the market.” Though operating largely under the radar in recent years, Tropic has managed to acquire some $200 million in VC funding since it was established in 2000.

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