Cardcommunications bought by Sitebrand

Marketing services firm Cardcommunications crosses the Ottawa River, having been acquired by Gatineau-based Sitebrand. Interactive marketing services software vendor Sitebrand bought Cardcommunications in order to offer its primary retail market with a solution for converting web visitors into buyers. “The acquisition of Cardcommunications is part of our commitment to offer our retail customers leading-edge e-marketing and professional services capabilities,” says Justin Shimoon, Sitebrand CEO “Cardcommunications enables us to offer a more comprehensive solution to better address their top online challenges while giving us the potential to extend our solution to new markets in the near future.”

Only about 2.5% of a retail website’s visitors are buyers, according to a study by online research company e-Marketer. Sitebrand’s solution aims to help retailers convert web visitors to buyers by automatically creating a unique and personal experience for every web visitor which changes in real-time while they are on the site. “This is an exciting opportunity,” says Cardcommunications president and founder Carolyn Gardner, who now becomes director of e-marketing services for Sitebrand. “Our customers will be able to launch highly integrated web and e-mail campaigns that optimize conversion.”

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