Clearford and Touchstone sign license agreement

Clearford Industries Inc. and Touchstone on Lake Muskoka Inc. sign a $250,000 right-to-use license agreement to implement Clearford's wastewater collection system at Touchstone's $75 million vacation real estate development on Lake Muskoka. The Small Bore Sewer Clearford.jpgsystem is a small diameter wastewater collection system that allows easier maintenance while providing superior operational and environmental performance at a significantly lower cost than conventional gravity-driven sewers. "This license agreement enables Touchstone to select an environmentally superior solution that is ideal for our premium development," says David Kalm, vice president of engineering for Touchstone. "Our Lake Muskoka project will utilize only the most innovative green methodologies." When finished, the four-season development will comprise lakeside cottages and villas surrounding the Touchstone Lodge, which will boast a restaurant, spa, an infinity pool and a fitness centre. "The Clearford method is applicable to the most exclusive developments within North America, yet is cost-effective as a retro-fit for basic properties such as trailer parks. Ultimately, the consistent outcome for big or small developments is to support and implement sustainable and responsible green infrastructure," states Bruce Linton, president and CEO of Clearford. "This type of license agreement is extremely scalable to numerous applications, as it allows Clearford to enable the developer to implement Clearford's proven sewer design and technology."

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