Mosaid replaces old guard

Mosaid Technologies Inc. shifts VP John%20Lindgren.bmp of patent licensing John Lindgren (left) to top spot, replacing George Cywnar (right), president and CEO since 1994. Carl Schlachte, chief executive of ARC International, takes the chairman’s seat from Thomas Csathy, on the board for 16 years, five as chairman. George%20Cwynar.jpgRichard Boadway, CFO since 1997 and executive vice president since 2003, is also moving aside. His replacement has not yet been named. Cwynar, Csathy, and Boadway will continue to serve as directors on Mosaid's board during a transition period. The shakeup was not wholly unexpected, in light of the company’s recent tussle with New York-based Loeb Partners after Mosaid resisted the investment firm’s demands to put the memory-chip specialist up for sale. Since joining the company last November, Lindgren has served as senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. After two decades in patent licensing at Texas Instruments, he is the logical choice for CEO, considering Mosaid’s new focus on its IP business. In late-March, Mosaid concluded the $20-million sale of its systems division’s automatic test equipment business to Massachussetts-based Teradyne Inc., halving its workforce of 116.

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