Plasco gets grant for demo plant

The McGuinty government invests $4 million in the Trail Road landfill demonstration plant, run by Plasco Energy Group. Part of a four-year, Plascologo06-101X74.jpg$24-million Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) initiative by the provincial government, the grant will be used to test technology which turns waste into clean fuel used to generate electricity and a material which can be used to make concrete and asphalt. Plasco says that its plasma gasification technology, developed on a large scale, could potentially process almost all of Ottawa’s solid waste (about 200,000 tonnes annually), generating enough clean electricity to light nearly 25,000 homes. The plant is currently licenced to operate for two years at the city’s Trail Road landfill. One-fifth of the electricity it generates will be used to power the plant itself, while the rest, enough to power some 4,000 homes, will be sold to Ontario Hydro.

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