Sciemetric launches manufacturing test systems

Manufacturing analytics software company Sciemetric Instruments debuts its noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) system, SigPOD NVH, and torque testing system, SigPOD Torque, for manufacturing operations. Sciemetric’s family of SigPOD products are used to verify and control a variety of standard manufacturing operations such as assembly press monitoring, leak testing, vibration analysis and functional testing. The company says SigPOD NVH is the industry’s first sound and vibration monitoring system made for the assembly manufacturing environment and is a self-configurable, easy-to-use system that simplifies the implementation of historically complex NVH testing. “NVH tests typically produce inconsistent results and fail to detect a significant percentage of defects,” says Sciemetric chief executive Steve Panyko. “Our latest out-of-the-box NVH and Torque testing solutions enable fundamental root-cause detection, combining automated on-the-line and off-line analysis.”

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