Clearford sales make staggering gains

Clearford Industries Inc. sales for the year rocket from just $23,000 in fiscal 2005 to $22.3 million, due in large part to its acquisition of Clearford.jpgBrooklin Concrete. While the wastewater treatment systems maker had bumper revenue in its fourth quarter, leaping to $5.3 million from zero a year earlier, its net losses deepened for both the fourth quarter and all of fiscal 2006. The company absorbed a $1.4-million loss ($0.5 a share) in the quarter, more than double the $622,000 ($0.3 a share) it lost a year earlier. Net loss for the year was $2.98 million ($0.12 a share) compared to $2.3 million ($0.11 a share) in 2005. All revenue for fiscal 2006 came by way of the company’s Brooklin Concrete division, the septic tank maker acquired by Clearford in January 2006. Clearford’s wastewater systems division placed 69 bids during the year, with a potential contract value of more than $200 million.

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