CommunityCamp looks for ways to use technology to support community

CommunityCamp, an initiative of local tech venture Mercury Grove, is calling on community groups to submit ideas for a competition aimed at finding ways for technology to improve public services and support the community. “Participants will have the chance to work with their neighbours, local leaders and public officials while exploring new ways technology can be used to benefit their community,” says Scott Annan, CEO of Mercury Grove. Annan stresses that the competition is open to everyone, not just those who are technologically savvy. “We want people to submit ideas they think will bring value to their community,” he says. “We don't want people to limit their creativity because of the technical aspect. It will be our job to make the ideas come to life.” With assistance from Carleton University’s Talent First Network, Mercury will develop and launch the winning entry in an open source application, allowing contributions from the broader technology community. The deadline for submissions is May 31. Proposals should be submitted by clicking on the CommunityCamp logo found at Mercury Grove's website. Finalists will be invited to pitch their proposals to the CommunityCamp judges on Tuesday, June 5 at Carleton’s Southam Hall from 6pm to 9pm.

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