GangaGen and uNottingham partner to fight food-borne pathogens

GangaGen Life Sciences Inc. and University of Nottingham are embarking on a major research project to develop a treatment to control Campylobacter bacteria in poultry. One of the most common causes of food poisoning, the bacterium is raising concern after showing resistance to several antibiotics. The research will focus on developing a bacteriophage-based treatment like those GangaGen is already using to fight salmonella and E-coli. “GangaGen believes that the place to start fighting food safety-related bacteria is at the farm where livestock production takes place, and this research agreement with the University of Nottingham allows us to continue building on that premise,” says GangaGen CEO Dr. Rainer Engelhardt. “The combination of these two research teams provides strong impetus for creating a safe, effective and low-cost solution to this pernicious consumer health risk.”

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