Mitel in “Everybody’s Home Town”

IP solutions from Mitel are chosen by Prescott, Arizona, to replace 23 separate phone and voice mail systems used by 600 employees in numerous facilities and departments, including police and fire. After weighing competitive bids, Prescott’s operations manager, Mitel.jpgNate Keegan, opted for a combination of Mitel hardware and software to network the communications of all city buildings. “Our communications was a patchwork of many different systems which needed to be streamlined and cost-controlled,” says Keegan. “With NuPoint Messenger IP we have centralized voice mail for the first time, which allows city employees to respond to each other and, more importantly, to our residents much more quickly than we were able to before. And the 5550 IP Console incoming calls list allows our front-desk attendants at city hall to prioritize incoming calls based on the information they see on the screen right in front of them." Known locally as “Everybody’s Home Town,” Prescott was designated “Arizona’s Christmas City” by the state.

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