Iain%20Christie.JPGmakes three executive appointments, promoting Iain Christie (top left), Mike Kearns (right) and Phil Church (bottom left). Iain is named president, and as such will lead business operations. With the company now for more than 15 years, he was previously director of research and development as well as director of communications. Iain spent 18Mike%20Kearns.JPG months at Neptec’s Houston office in the mid-90s, working at Mission Control Center where he developed the laser camera system which is used to scan the exterior of the shuttle for damage prior to re-entry. Iain earned a PhD in physics from uOttawa in 1994. He was a reserve artillery officer for 12 years and retired in 1993 with the rank of Major. Iain enjoys time with his family and practices digital photography and karate.

Philip%20Church.JPGMike becomes VP of automated rendezvous and docking sensors. He has 25 years of experience in contract and program management of Canadian and US government military, aerospace, and space programs. Prior to joining Neptec, Mike was director of contracts at both ADGA and Leigh Instruments, and a contracts administrator at General Dynamics Canada. Mike has a BA from Mount Allison University, and diploma of education from McGill. He likes golfing, skiing, photography, and doing all of them with his family.

Phil is made VP, military and industrial sensors, after eight years as a member of Neptec’s design group. Prior to joining the company he spent 15 years at General Dynamics Canada developing sensors for electro-optical surveillance and mine detection. Phil earned a BS in physics from McGill and a PhD in medical physics from Université de Montréal. He is a windsurfer and skier.

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