CRC honoured by hall of fame

As Ottawa Senators’ fans and supporters across Canada tune CRC_Logo-210X91.jpgin to game four of the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight, few if any will be considering the satellite television connection behind the broadcast. Developed at the Communications Research Centre (CRC) in Ottawa, the technology was on board the Hermes satellite as it beamed the world’s first direct-to-home satellite television program, a Stanley Cup hockey game, across North and South America almost 30 years ago today. It is with exquisite timing, then, that the CRC today announced that it is the recipient of the 2007 Special Recognition Award from Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame. Given to one recipient annually, “the award acknowledges the achievements of an organization, group, location, event or technology of special significance to the success and legacy of Canadian telecom.” Incidentally, the Montreal Canadiens went on to win the first direct-to-home broadcast playoffs in 1978. One can only hope that the CRC’s technology will capture the Sens doing the same in 2007.

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