dna13 expands broadcast search capabilities

Public relations software company dna13 Inc. adds the 25 top Nielsen markets to its search capabilities, enabling its software to monitor over 300 U.S. and dna13.JPGCanadian broadcast television channels. Stakeholder relationship and reputation management software dnaEnterprise allows companies to manage their corporate image and respond to issues by tracking media coverage and inquiries on the Internet and in 13,000 print outlets, as well as on television. “People are inundated with far too many media alerts, FYI emails and canned reports that lack context and relevance,” says Andy Church, VP, marketing. “At dna13 we pride ourselves on providing responsive monitoring capabilities that search across broadcast television, print and Internet content, and blogs with a single intuitive interface. Our issue centric application takes a structured approach to instantly sharing and reporting media mentions.” dna13’s content providers include PR Newswire, CNW Group, and FPInfomart.

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