SiGe supplying front end solutions in California

SiGe Semiconductor secures a deal to supply GPS RF (radio frequency) front end receiver ICs to Redwood, Calif.-based Centrality Communications Inc. The fabless semiconductor systems company will integrate SiGe’s product in a reference platform that will provide SiGe.JPGmanufacturers with a complete solution for multimedia navigation systems. “The convergence of multimedia and GPS technologies presents an exciting market opportunity to add navigation capability to a wide range of consumer appliances,” says Alistair Manley, vice president of strategic partnerships at SiGe. “Our production-ready design will enable multimedia navigation applications to be supported without compromising size or battery life.” The new reference design will allow customers to implement high-performance GPS navigation directly on the motherboard of consumer electronics products supporting advanced navigation and multimedia services. It will also provide high accuracy location information in a wide range of mobile and portable products, such as personal navigation devices and video-enabled portable media players, allowing them to operate as complete navigation centers. End products based on the reference design will be available in Q3 2007.

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