Thermal’s technology under assessment in China

Thermal Energy draws further Chinese interest with the test installation of its condensate return system at one of the country’s largest pulp and paper manufacturers. The move is part of Thermal’s strategy to market the energy-saving technology in China, Thermal%20Energy.jpgwhere pulp and paper production is expected to double in the next ten years, making the country the world’s second-largest producer. With similar growth in other industries using steam systems, China represents a multibillion-dollar market for the GEM steam trap system, which was developed by Thermal’s U.K. partner Gardner Energy Management. The deal is Thermal’s third in China. In June, the company signed an MOU with Jiangnan Boilers and Pressure Vessels Company Ltd. to jointly develop, manufacture and market Thermal’s energy recovery technology. In May, Thermal inked an agreement with the South China University of Technology to establish a joint research and development facility, which will focus on industrial applications for Thermal’s nitrogen oxides removal technology.

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