First V-chip licence

Wi-LAN V-chip Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of technology licencor Wi-LAN, notches its first running royalty licencing agreement for its newly acquired V-chip patents with Chinese consumer WiLan.jpgelectronic products company Shenzhen MTC Co. Ltd. Wi-LAN got its hands on the prized V-chip patents when it merged with Tri-Vision in July. Tri-Vision’s V-chip technology is found in parental controls for TV and is the only technology of its kind mandated by the U.S. FCC to be built into all digital TV receivers, set-top boxes, VCRs and digital video recorders sold in the United States. Wi-LAN recently signed a 5-year licencing agreement with Calgary-based Powerstar International Inc. The fifth and final licence signed under Wi-LAN’s Early License Program, which ended July 31st, will see wireless and digital solutions provider Powerstar make quarterly cash payments on revenues generated from Wi-LAN’s Wi-Fi/WiMAX hot spots, based on a 0.5% running royalty. The Early Licence Program offered preferential rates and terms to participating companies. Wi-LAN estimates that it will eventually generate approximately $75 million in revenue from licences signed under the program, excluding revenue from V-chip licence deals.

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