Call for action today on Kyoto

Greg Searle, executive director of BioRegional North America is calling attention Searle%2C%20Greg125X191.jpgto the fact that today (Sept. 20) is the deadline for consultation on the Harper government's lame and loose acknowledgment of the Kyoto Accord. If you don't get your word in by end of day, you won't be heard on this subject. Mr. Searle writes, "The Canadian government is breaking its own environmental laws, and could get away with it if we don't act [now]. Last June, Parliament passed a law confirming our legal obligation to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, and gave a heel-dragging Harper government 60 days to show how they would do it. Harper's plan is out, and meets Kyoto's targets 13 years too late – it clearly breaks the law. The comments that Environment Canada receives in this period will be admissible in court [Ed note: when the government is legally challenged on its Kyoto stance, as presumably it will be]. If there are no comments, the government will claim in court that the public supports its bogus plan. This argument has worked before, and we must not let it happen again."
Mr. Searle points to a petition in circulation for anyone wishing to comment before the deadline. A message to send directly to John Baird, the federal environment minister, will be found by clicking here.

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