Wi-LAN back in black in Q3

IP licencer Wi-LAN returns to profitability in Q3, as net income climbs to $91,000 on revenue of $4.8 million, more than double that for the same period a year ago. The company, which WiLan.jpgrecorded a loss of $400,000 last fiscal Q3, credits the turnaround to its July acquisition of parental controls technology maker Tri-Vision. “The acquisition of Tri-Vision brings many benefits and synergies to our company. These include an immediate revenue stream, expanded licensing opportunities to the growing V-chip market and further momentum to our ongoing licensing efforts,” says CEO Jim Skippen. Wi-LAN’s stated revenue included its acquisition of $3.5-million worth of patents, with the balance generated through licensing deals for its V-chip technology. The V-chip is the only parental controls technology mandated by the U.S. FCC to be included in all digital TV receivers, set-top boxes, VCRs and digital video recorders sold in the United States.

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