Delivering ads for Wal-Mart

Satellite services company RAMTelecom Inc. joins forces with Toronto-based advertising services firm ShopCast to provide closed-circuit television advertising for 60 Wal-Mart stores across Canada. The arrangement will see RAMTelecom receive $468,000 over five years to RAMTelecom.jpgsupport ShopCast’s EK3 Narrowcasting network, which will carry in-store promotions and targeted advertisements on LCD screens in the retail giant’s stores. “We are very excited about our participation with ShopCast and EK3 in the delivery of what will become the largest Narrowcasting retail network in Canada,” says RAMTelecom CEO Ralph Misener. “The digital signage market is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide where file delivery over satellite is not a new concept. RAMTelecom has proven satellite’s superb reliability and cost-effectiveness to open up this market in Canada.” ShopCast formally chose RAMTelecom’s satellite services after a 10-month trial at selected Wal-Mart stores in Ontario.

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