Delivering power

Plasco Energy Group Inc. begins supplying Hydro Ottawa with electricity from its demonstration waste-conversion plant on Trail Road. “This is a very important milestone in bringing the Plasco%20Energy%20Group.jpgPlascoEnergy facility into full operation,” says CEO Rod Bryden. “This demonstrates PlascoEnergy’s unique ability to convert waste into gas that runs internal combustion engines.” The plasma gasification technology company will be running at near full capacity when it brings each of its five engines into operation over the next few days. PlascoEnergy’s technology uses common household waste to produce clean fuel used to generate electricity. The process also produces an inert material byproduct which can be used to make concrete and asphalt. The company says that plasma gasification could potentially process almost all of Ottawa’s yearly 2000,000 tonnes of solid waste, creating enough clean electricity to light nearly 25,000 homes.

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