Fighting "E-scrap"

Mitel engages electronic equipment recycler and processor Global Investment Recovery to fully recycle phones and hardware in selected areas where new Mitel equipment is installed. "Global applauds Mitel for creating an innovative program that ensures electronic material is properly recycled, recovering reusable commodities, not dumping them into landfill sites," says Lisa Collins, Mitel-127X36.JPGGlobal's sales and marketing manager. Mitel's channel partner members will be mobilized in the company's "assault on electronic equipment pollution," notifying the Tampa, Fla., company when there is equipment ready for pickup after a new Mitel deployment. Global's logistics team will provide packing and shipping instructions to safely transport it to one of its processing facilities, where the equipment will be shredded, sorted and reused, thus eliminating up to 100% of the E-scrap. The resulting shredded commodities will be sold in the commodities markets, and ultimately re-used to make new products. Global owns and operates process facilities in Tampa, Tucson, Reno, Aiken County, SC and Shreveport, LA.

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