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Posted by John Roese

One of the key drivers behind Nortel's Unified Communications strategy is the realization that success in the applications business of the future will not be based on who can build the best single application, but rather who can present the most comprehensive and useful experience to the user. In the past, the success of an application has been measured based on its ability to address a very specific function (ERP, e-mail, CRM, ...). In the future, the very definition of an application will change - as will its measure of success - to instead be a composite entity that embraces all of the relevant information and tools needed to have a complete and unified collaboration experience. Early examples of this shift are already being seen in web portals, where you pick the tiles of functions (stocks, e-mail, news, ...) or in smart phones (Palm, Microsoft Mobile, Blackberry ...), where in one interface or device a range of tools are used to communicate, entertain and interact. Read more of John's blog here.

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