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Posted by Alec Saunders

This morning Martin Dufort announced that Kakiloc, the location-based service that he and Alain Lavoie built, is closed. From the mail he sent: Alain Lavoie and I (Martin Dufort) started the service as an experiment in mapping your physical location while on the move in December 2005. We quickly recognized the need to deal with and put extra emphasis on supporting mobile technologies because we knew this was the direction the industry was going. Now look at all the initiatives out there: Google Android, Nokia's new handsets, SkyHook Wireless, etc. etc. So we worked for 2 years (full-time and part-time) refining the service and adding functionalities to both the web site and the mobile applications we were supporting. But in the end, the fierce competition within the social networking space and the service's generic nature prevented us from actually gaining a sustainable user base. On November 6, I decided to close down the service. Now the servers are actually off-line. I would like to thank all our members for registering and helping out and providing feedback about the service. But a big thanks goes out to Alain for sticking with me and my crazy ideas and trying to push this further. Your partnership was invaluable. Thanks a lot. The Kakiloc core technology is still alive and is being evaluated for inclusion in a new service but nothing concrete yet. In the meantime, I've renamed the company's blog to: The Mobile Location-Based Informant which you can reach by clicking here.

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