An antidote to the bummerization of high tech Ottawa — geezers like Denny Doyle and Tony Patterson suggest we look aheadRudyk-45X64.jpg
Posted by Nathan Rudyk

With the sale of Cognos to IBM this week, the young-ish tech pundits of Ottawa have expressed yearning for the 90s era of big company Ottawa. With headlines crying "Branch plant City" and "Silicon Subsidiary North" there's a lot of concern that our entrepreneurial mojo has been sold to the highest multinational bidder and we'll never again give birth to what Celtic House VC Andrew Waitman in his Money Matters column calls "companies of scale". BarcampOttawa's energetic organizer Peter Childs blogged about how Cognos "surrenders control of its destiny to IBM" and how the sale "makes clear ... how little depth the Ottawa tech sector has". The Ottawa Citizen's Mark Anderson, after laying out the compelling business case for the Cognos acquisition, writes about his "ineffable sense of loss" and pronounces the local tech scene "deadwood". Ouch! For an antidote to the bummerization of high tech Ottawa, check out what the geezers have to say — guys who were around when cows dotted the fields between the Mitel and MDS Nordion campuses, and who helped will the sector into one that employs tens of thousands versus hundreds of workers - and more entrepreneurs than ever before in the history of Ottawa high tech. In this month's National Capital SCAN, in an article titled "Past is prologue for OttawaTech", Denny Doyle quipped to SCAN founder/editor Tony Patterson that ""If things are so down, how come there's no place to park [in Kanata]." Read more of Nathan's blog here.

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