Boosting Chicago network

Wireless networking equipment provider DragonWave Inc. is called upon by Chicago-based Business Only Broadband (BOB) to provide greater bandwidth for its business wireless service. DragonWave’s technology will increase the speed of the customer’s primary, secondary and Dragonwave.jpgdisaster-recovery connectivity services to more than 300 megabits per second. The company has also been engaged by BOB to help deploy those services in New York and other, unspecified markets. “We are near completion of our multi-million-dollar upgrade in Chicago, and we will be counting on DragonWave to help us expand into New York, as well,” says BOB’s chief executive Richard S. Kingston, adding that after reviewing other offerings, “we found everything we were looking for in DragonWave alone.” Founded in 2000, DragonWave has more than 150 customers in over 25 countries.

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