Chinese venture

Energy reduction systems maker Thermal Energy International Inc. is entering a three-party venture to establish a permanent office and assembly plant in China. Along with partners Oriental-Unicorn Sales and Marketing Co. and E5 Enterprises LLC of Markham, Ont., majority stakeholder Thermal Energy plans to open the Thermal%20Energy.jpgoffice in Guangzhou Province by the end of the year. “This joint venture provides an excellent anchor in China for Thermal Energy to accelerate its sales efforts with a permanent presence in the China market and demonstrates a commitment to the market which we know is important for customers there,” says Thermal CEO Tim Angus, who will serve as GM of the new partnership. Thermal recently entered the vast Chinese market with industrial installations of its GEM Condensate Return System and FLU-ACE waste heat recovery technology. The company has already formed marketing partnerships with several firms throughout the country, and has received funding from China’s government for ongoing R&D projects undertaken with the South China University of Technology.

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