Loon Lake installation

Wastewater treatment systems maker Clearford Industries Inc. signs a $1,013,800 deal to install its Small Bore Sewer (SBS) wastewater collection system and a treatment plant at Loon Lake Resort Clearford.jpgin Madoc, Ontario. Covering some 150 hectares, the site is home to 140 trailers and has been approved for 60 more. Clearford Industries will connect all existing properties, including a recreation hall, community wash station and log house, to the treatment plant via the SBS system, which is installed and expanded without such invasive methods as blasting and excessive dewatering. “The environmental advantages of the SBS system translate into lower capital and operational cost for both the collection and treatment of sewage,” states Bruce Linton, president and CEO of Clearford. “As a result, we are able to service the park for less than $7,500 a door."

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