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In its second installment of a two-part podcast of interviews recorded live at the Ottawa Venture and Technology Summit in September, OCRIRadio features guests Rob Hilkes, VP of marketing and business development at eSight, and Matthew Williams, founder of IPeak Networks, discussing VC investment opportunities offered by their respective startups. eSight combines advances in digital OCRI.jpgvideo capture and display with proprietary image processing algorithms to serve two markets: wearable devices to greatly improve the quality of life for those with acute vision impairments that neither surgery nor traditional eyeglasses can correct, and real-time high-definition vision systems for sports fans and concert goers.IPeak's IP 4000 accelerates applications over low quality networks in a unique way. Instead of intercepting and changing the protocols used by applications, IPeak reduces the packet loss seen by the application by a factor of 100x or more. This allows the application to perform as if a much higher quality network was being used. Luigi Licciardi, EVP of Telecom Italia Group, rounds out the podcast, with his thoughts on new mobile technologies emerging from Ottawa’s telecom sector. To tune in, go to ocriradio.com/podcasts.html or visit ocri.ca.

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