Tool to test your tax bill

By Karen Secord
From SCAN's Print Edition (AYA) is making it easier for homeowner’s to challenge incorrect property assessments from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). AYA is an automated valuation system promoted by Property Tax Review Services (PTRS) to get homeowners a fairer deal on their property assessments from MPAC, and therefore a better deal on the property taxes billed by the municipality.
“Before this technology was made available to homeowners it was quite a manual process to find supporting evidence to back up any claim of being over-assessed.” says Glenn Lucas, owner of PTRS, which has been specializing in residential and commercial property tax reviews for 10 years.

AYA offers a quick and affordable solution using the latest in web based technology. It is the first consumer based solution for determining if a property has been unfairly assessed by MPAC.

AYA’s technology converts preparation of a re-consideration proposal to MPAC ─ a process that was once long and cumbersome ─ into something done in minutes. The system checks any home against similar properties and compares the MPAC valuations to determine a proper relative assessment.

If the system finds an owner has been over-assessed it can prepare all the official documents and background research to be sent to MPAC, automatically and checked by a professional tax review firm.

“We are so confident in the technology behind AYA that we offer a money-back guarantee,” says Glenn, “If using the system doesn’t result in a reduced assessment value we will give you back your money.”

Property assessments are a confusing fact of life for property owners. MPAC assesses more than 4.4 million properties across Ontario every year. Its property assessment notices have been the basis of municipal tax bills in the province since 1998. MPAC’s main responsibility is to calculate assessed values and classify properties according to their use. Municipalities and school boards then use these values to calculate property and education taxes.

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