MDS Nordion sells product lines

MDS Nordion is off-loading its external beam therapy and self-contained irradiator product lines to Virginia-based Best Medical International Inc., a maker of radiotherapy and oncology products. Part of MDS Nordion’s strategy to focus on its growing molecular medicine business, the divestiture doesn’t appear to threaten the jobs of some 150 local employees working on the two product lines, which Best Medical has indicated it will continue to manufacture at the Ottawa company’s facilities on March Road. As part of the deal, Best Medical will purchase the land on which the factory manufacturing the product lines stands. It is not known how much Best Medical is paying for the beam therapy and irradiator lines, respectively used to treat cancer and to sterilize blood to prevent disease and for research purposes. The businesses have combined revenue of US$32 million annually. Best Medical will market the lines under the brand Best Theratronics.

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