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Ottawa startup VLN Advanced Technologies Inc. clears a major hurdle to commercializing its automated ultrasonic waterjet. The RFM 2000 recently passed phase I of a two-part feasibility study, undertaken by Calif.-based engineering firm ES3, which could soon VLN-1.JPGput the enviro-friendly technology for stripping chrome and other metal coatings in the hands of the US Air Force and industry. “We are very pleased with the support and interest we are seeing from prospective US customers,” says Willie Bloom, VLN’s director of business development. “It’s just a matter of time before we have an automated pulsed waterjet robot installed somewhere in North America.” Developed by company founder and president Dr. Mohan Vijay and his team of engineers, the RFM 2000 is a low-pressure, ultrasonic “pulse waterstrip” product designed to remove resilient coatings from equipment such as aircraft landing gear and propellers without the use of harmful chemicals.

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