New US partner

Ottawa’s CRYPTOCard engages JCS & Associates Inc. to provide its two-factor security identification systems to the North American market. The Michigan-based company, a network security specialist, is the latest addition to CryptoCard.JPGCRYPTOCard’s North American partner program. “CRYPTOCard is very pleased to be collaborating with a highly established and respected partner such as JCS & Associates,” says Chris Dodunski, CRYPTOCard’s new director of North American sales. “They have the kind of market focus that precisely fits with our objectives for the CRYPTOCard Partner Program. We look forward to a very active and successful road ahead.” CRYPTOCard’s new partner program allows value-added resellers to integrate its authentication solutions with their own remote access products for the financial, health care, insurance and government sectors throughout North America.

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