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Posted by John Roese

Hopefully you have all taken some time off to recuperate from a crazy year and prepare for a truly transformational year in telecom in 2008. I spent a few much-needed weeks recharging over the holidays, and also spent some time reflecting on 2007 and what we have to look forward to in 2008. I thought I would take a few minutes in this first post of the new year to set the stage for 2008 and to share my excitement about the inevitable acceleration of change in the telecom and IT landscape. This week at CES, Bill Gates gave the opening keynote (billed as his "final" CES keynote, as he transitions away from day-to-day Microsoft operations in the middle of this year) and made the statement that we are at the beginning of a new "digital decade," one in which technology "will make our lives richer, more connected, more productive, and more fulfilling." While his views of the technology underlying this era and mine may differ, I completely share his view that we are now at the edge of a new era that will manifest itself with everything we have been preparing for in Nortel in 2007. Click here to read more of John's blog.

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