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Posted by Jonathan Snook

You'll have to excuse my reference to Oscar Wilde but I just learned something very interesting. But before I get into that, some background on HTML5. HTML5 reached Working Draft status at the W3C yesterday (although is dated today). Originally spec'd by the WHATWG, HTML5 is intended to replace HTML4, XHTML1 and DOM2 HTML specifications. There's plenty of new functionality being offered up, from new HTML elements, new form controls and form error handling, to canvas and local storage. For those of us who build web applications, HTML5 is a huge step forward and browsers out there (Safari, Firefox and Opera) have already begun implementing these features. After yesterday's concerns about the version switching within Internet Explorer 8, John Resig points out a comment by Chris Wilson indicating that an HTML5 DOCTYPE will not need the meta tag. That's right: any document created using the HTML5 DOCTYPE will use the most up to date rendering engine in all browsers with no additional code required. My thoughts on the version switching have changed slightly. I understand where certain issues might exist but I feel they are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things and that it won't really change the way I develop.

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