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Posted by Mitch Brisebois

.ca is Canada's top level domain. Since the beginning of the internet era it has been sorely managed. In a typical Canadian fashion, the bureaucrats took over and imposed so many regulations that .ca became useless for business. Prior to 1997, registrants had to use a provincial second level domain. For Sensorymetrics, we'd be (if we were incorporated in the province of Ontario.) If we weren't incorporated, we were SOL. only "real" companies could register a domain. If we operated out of the Yukon, we'd sport the tasty sounding "" yuck caca?? In 1997, the Canada's interneteers staged a coup and formed CIRA (Can. Internet Registration Authority) to take over the management of .ca. They did away with some of the nonsense. Second-level province domains became optional. Individuals could now register a domain. There are still foolish rules. You have to be either a Canadian citizen or the queen of England. Also, you have to be over 18 years of age. We wouldn't want to encourage young kids to be entrepreneurial and make millions on the net, would we? So (once again in a typical Canadian fashion) CIRA is about to celebrate the 1 millionth .ca registration. It's holding a contest. To win, you need to write a heartwarming story about your .ca domain. A story about a domain?? Click here to read more of Mitch's post.

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