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Posted by Alec Saunders

I've just gone through an incredibly painful process on Facebook. The root cause? Immaturity of the Facebook platform. Here's the background. Facebook works hard to make sure that it can't be taken over by spammers. They get full marks from me for doing that. The problem, however, is that they make it incredibly difficult for anyone to actually send mail to even modest sized groups. So, for example, there is a limit of 20 requests per day that can be sent by any application. Now, imagine for a second that you're an application that organizes events. say a conference calling application, for example. You regularly need to send invitations to large groups of people, and 20 is a pretty small number. Heaven forbid that you need organize a recurring call! There are work arounds available, however. You can, for instance, send a larger number of requests to members of a group that you're admin for. You can also organize events for larger numbers of people. Click here to read more of Alec's blog.

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