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Posted by Craig Fitzpatrick

Work to live or live to work? Do you consider yourself to have a job or a career? The answer to these questions can tell you a lot about a person. Too bad you can't just blurt them out and ask them directly while interviewing someone because it's too easy to see what the interviewer wants to hear and fake it. But as a recruiter, this is a pretty fundamental question. The software industry is fairly unique in that it is filled with people who love what they do. Hobbyists. These people would build software whether they get paid for it or not. That means, if you're a "work to live" sort of person, in this field you're already below average. People that love what they do are much more likely to go the extra mile to be great at it. Given that it's also a very competitive space, over the years I've come to think of this trait as a filter when hiring. You'll never build great products with a team that "works to live". Someone that works to live approaches their work with a "fulfill the requirements" sort of attitude and behavior. They may very well work hard while they're at the office and meet many of the "good general employee" criteria, but that's still not quite the same thing as someone that's in it because they love building software. Click here to read more of Craig's blog.

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