Dr. Paul Slaby

Slaby%2C_Dr._Paul-Kaben_Wireless.JPGis appointed president and CEO of Kaben Wireless Silicon Inc. Dr. Slaby joined the company as chairman in 2007, bringing with him many years of entrepreneurial experience and technical expertise in the areas of semiconductors, IT, software and hardware development. He founded VoIPshield Systems Inc. in 2004 and is currently a member of its board of directors. He also co-founded ATMOS Corporation, which he developed from a consulting firm to a bootstrapped design startup to a VC-funded company. Dr. Slaby also served as an entrepreneur-in-residence for National Research Council, a member of the Strategic Microelectronics Consortium and as an advisor to Carleton University Foundry Program. Prior to that, he held management positions at Bell Northern Research and Nortel. He served as an external examiner for universities, a referee for IEEE transactions and a reviewer for NSERC.

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