Expansion aborted

Dell Canada scrubs plans to broaden Ottawa operations, laying off local employees and cancelling the opening of its new call centre in Kanata. Slated to open in April, the new facility, designed for 1,200 staff, would have made Dell the third-largest high tech employer in the Dell%20Canada.JPGcapital. But the company’s plans for local expansion are apparently cancelled or on hold, after recent reports confirm that it has cut loose dozens of its 1,500 local employees. Dell announced last spring that it would lay off 8,800 people globally (about 10% of its total workforce) in order to cut costs, but said Ottawa operations would be untouched. A company spokesperson says that the new, unoccupied 148,222-square-foot call centre is not closing “at this point in time,” emphasizing that Ottawa is a key location in Dell’s plans for the future.

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