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Wi-LAN Inc. signs two major Asian companies to licences for its patented US V-chip parental control technology, including China’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., the world’s largest contract electronics company. Taiwan-based digital consumer products giant Tatung Company also signs up for the rights to Wi-LAN’s Canadian V-chip technology. Both deals call for the licencees to pay running royalties for the lives of the patents covering the technology, as well as recompense for past sales of products using the technology. “Tatung, a well known brand, -WiLan.jpgand Hon Hai are very welcome additions to our V-chip licencee family,” says Najmul Siddiqui, president of Wi-LAN’s V-chip business. “With large manufacturing capabilities in China, Hon Hai has become China’s largest exporter. These licence agreements could have significant future potential for Wi-LAN.” Tatung is a global leader in the design and manufacture of electronics for consumers and business, including personal computers, LCD TVs, videophones, home appliances and blade servers. Hon Hai, also known by trade name Foxconn, makes computer, consumer electronics and communication products for major brand name customers around the world. With more than half a million employees, the company generated revenue of US$40 billion in 2006. “These licence agreements are the latest examples of the solid progress that our V-chip licencing team has made in 2008,” says Jim Skippen, president and CEO, Wi-LAN. “As discussions with various manufacturers continue, we expect to sign a number of wireless and V-chip licence agreements in the coming months.” The Ottawa patent licencer has now signed 126 V-chip technology licences with electronics manufacturers in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada and the United States.

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