New retail customer

March Networks takes an order for its data analytics software from an unspecified major retailer that has almost 500 locations worldwide. The customer is deploying March’s LP Data Mining software suite in more than 150 US locations to combat employee theft, shoplifting and cashier error. Termed “inventory shrinkage,” such product loss costs US retailers about $42 March%5B1%5D.jpgbillion a year. “Our sophisticated data mining and video management applications provide the operational intelligence organizations are seeking to reduce shrinkage and enhance business performance in a highly-competitive retail environment,” says president and CEO Peter Strom. “We are pleased to have been selected as the platform of choice by this global brand and look forward to expanding our presence in multiple retail spaces throughout 2008.” March says its solution, which includes customizable point-of-sale transaction profiling, investigation and reporting tools, and digital video integration., “enables the retailer to efficiently identify and confirm fraudulent activity and patterns of theft with features such as gift card and employee purchase/return tracking.”

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