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Posted by Michael Geist

Imagine a world where most of the functions of our personal computers - running applications, communicating, and storing data - do not take place on those computers but rather at massive computer server farms located in remote locations and linked through high-speed networks. This is not the stuff of science fiction but rather describes "cloud computing," one of the hottest Internet and computing trends and the subject of my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, Vancouver Sun, homepage version). Despite limited public attention, cloud computing has already woven its way into the fabric of the Internet. Web-based applications allow users to word process, create presentations, and manipulate data spreadsheets online, Internet-based data backup services offer the chance to store mirror images of our computer hard drives, and every day hundreds of millions of people use Internet services such as web-based email, photo sharing sites, or Facebook applications where the significant computing power resides elsewhere (in the "cloud" of the Internet). Click here to read more of Michael's post, including a proposal to give Canada a global advantage in cloud computing.

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