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Posted by Alec Saunders

Perhaps it's due to the influence of Amazon, but there are a huge number of cloud computing projects coming out of Seattle these days. Just today, for instance, I learned about EMC's acquisition of Pi. Last summer, Nokia acquired Twango, and rebranded and relaunched it as Share on Ovi. Microsoft veterans are involved in all of these projects - Brian Valentine recently joined Amazon, Paul Maritz founded Pi, and Serena Glover and Jim Laurel founded Twango. Contrast these with Microsoft's yawner announcement today that Windows Live SkyDrive will expand it's offering to 5G of free storage. Others are offering innovative new services and platforms for the cloud. Microsoft would like you to know that they've got a hard disk for you in the sky. Go nuts! Put anything you'd like on that hard drive. You can even share it with others. With this track record of innovation, you can understand why Yahoo! is nervous about throwing their lot in with Microsoft. Click here to read more of Alec's blog .

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