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The Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) announces the 82000reasons promotion campaign hard on the release of its annual technology survey last month that showed a record 81,910 people are employed in Ottawa’s tech sector.
The multi-media promotion campaign integrates traditional and social media to create a growing online record of tech Ottawa’s success. At, Ottawa technology companies and employees can profile themselves via online blogs or YouTube videos.
“With nearly 82000 tech workers in Ottawa, we know there are 82000 or more stories to tell the world about our success as Canada’s innovation capital,” says Michael Darch, executive director of OCRI’s Ottawa Global Marketing. “In the era of user generated content, every one of those stories can be told, tagged and distributed online to a global audience. We believe that content will attract both businesses and individuals who will recognize Ottawa’s lifestyle and technology strengths, then decide to locate either their companies or careers in this great city.”

The 82000reasons web site offers participating companies and individuals a blogging platform for text-based profiles as well as directions on how to add YouTube video. Content templates are also provided. Already, several companies including Enablence Technologies Inc., Liquid Computing Corp., Macadamian, March Networks Corp., Fuel Industries, BelAir Networks Inc., and QNX Software Systems have added either blog profiles or YouTube videos to

The 82000reasons campaign is being promoted to the Ottawa tech community by banner ads on FaceBook, plus local print, banner ad and radio advertising. It was created by market2world communications inc. and General Assembly Productions Center,

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