Funding cap leads layoffs

Ottawa-based Edgewater Computer Systems Inc., a provider of advanced computer and communications technology products and embedded computing applications, lays off 65 employees – half its staff – after the US Air Force caps Edgewater.jpgfunding for a program aimed at commercializing its latest technology. The company says that the job cuts are only temporary, but that the length of the layoffs is currently unknown. Last July, Edgewater announced that it had successfully completed a flight test of its Extended 1553 data bus technology in a US Air Force F-16, the primary purpose of which was to demonstrate an increase in high-speed data transfer when using the upgrade to legacy systems. Edgewater says that it is currently looking for support from the Canadian Government, as well as potential NATO partners, to help to re-establish the program to market the Extended-1553, which is close to launch phase.

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