Funds from feds

Thermal Energy International is given a $900,000 federal loan to develop a green energy power facility proposed for a pulp and paper mill in eastern Canada. The repayable grant is being provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Interim Strategy Technology Early Action Measures Fund. “[We are] very pleased to receive this important support from the Thermal%20Energy.jpgfederal government for a project which could become a showcase solution for many industries looking to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and replace that demand with efficient use of biofuel created from biowaste,” says CEO Tim Angus. The Ottawa-based company as already completed a feasibility study for the design and implementation of its low temperature biomass drying system at the mill. The mill is expected to make a final decision this fiscal year. The facility would daily divert more than 120 tonnes of pulp and paper sludge from landfill and use it as biofuel, reducing reliance on fuel oil and lowering greenhouse gas emissions by about 69,000 tonnes a year.

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