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Ottawa-based iotum partners with three Internet communications companies to bring its FREE Conference Calls application on Facebook to the world. iotum says that Truphone (UK), Abbeynet (Italy) and MOI Telecom (France) iotum.jpgwere enlisted to take the application global in response to a growing demand for FREE Conference Calls, which has attracted more than 90,000 users since being launched last September. “FREE Conference Calls has many standard features not available from other providers,” says CEO Alec Saunders. “Moderators can mute or un-mute calls, record a podcast, schedule calls in advance or provide reminders. Hosts can also queue participants to speak. And we even provide a live ‘writing wall’ for interactive text chat.” The enhanced service can now be accessed from anywhere in the world using VoIP or by dialing direct from anywhere in North America and France. iotum says it intends to roll out more “direct-dial” countries in the future by recruiting additional international partners.

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