Sales surge in Q1

Revenue at Seprotech Systems Inc. jumps from $1.03 million in the opening quarter of last year to $1.65 million in Q1, 2008, an increase of 59.4%. The sewage treatment technology maker also shrunk losses to $154,000 from $175,000. The company’s CEO, Martin Hauschild, asserts that new partnerships and agreements led to the improved Seprotech.jpgperformance. “It has been a very active first quarter for Seprotech and we continued to show revenue growth through Q1, together with strategic developments,” he says, and singles out Seprotech’s deal with its new Mexican partner to manufacture and market CrystalBlue technology, which turns wastewater into water of potable quality. “The licensing and manufacturing agreement announced with Valsi Corp. of Mexico has proven timely given the severe construction downturn in the United States,” he says. “Latin America and Mexico in particular continue to experience a housing construction boom, which provides Seprotech geographic sales diversification to buffer against the potential for continued weakness in the US.” The company recently signed a contract with a Mexican real estate developer through Valsi’s subsidiary Evans Power Equipment, which will bring in over $72,000 in equipment royalties, as well as compensation for engineering, management and sales support services.

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